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MCB200 Board for Joysticks and Footpedals
270 Degree Rotary Hall
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USB Option for Joysticks
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  • NEW - 2014 PQ Controls Catalog Release!
    We have just released our 2014 catalog,
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  • Online Contact/RFQ Forms
    We have just launched our online Contact/RFQ Forms,
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  • Featured Product - MCB200 CANbus/J1939 Board
    We have released a new CANbus/J1939 Board in a smaller footprint.
    This board uses a hardwired connection and is available on our M112 Joysticks, M115 Joysticks, M212 Joysticks, and M110 Footpedal.
    Click here for the MCB200 product page.

  • Featured Product - 270 DEGREE ROTARY HALL - New Options:
    Our popular Rotary Hall Control Knob (RH112) now includes an option for 270 degrees of rotation - Ideal for drop-in replacements of older potentiometer-based control knobs. We are also now offering a circular potting cup option for both the RH112 and RH113.
    Click Here for the RH113 product page.

    Rotary Hall with Circular Potting Cup
    (Circular Potting Cup Option)

  • Available Now - M112, M115, M212 Joysticks - USB Option:
    We are now offering a USB connection option on our M112 Joysticks, M115 Joysticks, and M212 Joysticks.
    Click Here for the USB Board product page.

    M212 Joystick with USB Option

  • New - Left Handed ERGO Grip Option
    We are now offering our popular Ergo grip in a left handed configuration for all joysticks that can use the right handed ergo grip, please inquire with your sales representative when ordering if you would like this option.
    Click here for Ergo Grip product page.

    Ergo Joystick Grip Left Handed Option

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