• 5 Independent adjustable parameters (via trimpots) allow fine-tuning of settings in-field

  • Can be driven with any source capable of 2.5V Neutral, 4V full-forward, and 1V full-reverse

  • PWM Outputs with thermal type current limit, high current SMARTFET capable of 2.5 amps

  • 3 Auxiliary outputs for out-of-neutral indication, directional valves, blocking valves, back-up alarms, brake-release, etc.

  • Regulated coil output current compensates for coil resistance changes due to temperature variations

  • Rugged potted assembly seals electronics from environment and prevents failures due to moisture ingression, shock, or mechanical damage

  • Direct or remote mounting allows mounting directly to P-Q's Model 115 single axis joystick or externally

  • CE Compliance allows customers to sell into the European Community

  • Electrical

    Supply Voltage 10-30 VDC
    PWM Outputs (A, B) Configured to Apitec's Specifications
    Regulated Output Current Fixed within 2%
    Auxiliary Outputs (A, B, Common*) 2.5 amps
    Protection Reverse Polarity, Over-Voltage, Open/Shorted Signal Leads, EMI/RFI Hardened, Transient Voltage Supply
    Regulated Power Out (PT+, PT-) 5 VDC (may be used to power 5V command source)
    Signal Input 1 - 4 VDC, 2.5 Neutral (30% Signal Swing)


    Operating Temperature -40 - 85 degrees (C)
    Protection Sealed Epoxy Potting
    Resistance Humidity, Water/Rain, Sun/UV Exposure

    Adjustments / Features:

    Ramp (Time Delay)* 0 - 5 Sec
    HI A, B (Full Flow Current) 1 - 1500 mA
    LO A, B (Threshold Current) 1 - 1500 mA
    MID A, B* 180 - 2500 mA (defaults to 50% of full flow current)