• Contactless Hall Effect Outputs - Eliminates the wiping contacts of potentiometric joysticks to provide an extremely hi-cycling product

  • Identical mounting pattern to hydraulic pilot foot pedals made by U.S. and European manufacturers - Permits design interchangeabilty

  • Auxiliary Outputs can be used as mechanical switches where on/off "switched" output is required (outputs ~Vsupply)

  • Rugged, weather resistant design and construction

  • Bi-Directional or Uni-Directional Options - Gives the vehicle designer a choice of control options

  • Electrical

    Supply Voltage 5-60 VDC (determined by electrical option)
    Proportional Output See datasheet
    Hydraulic Valve/Solenoid Control* See optional Valve Drive Boards
    Auxiliary ("Switched") Outputs* 2.5 amps Activates @ out-of-neutral (20% Deadband)
    Protection Reverse Polarity, Over-Voltage, Open/Shorted Signal Leads, EMI/RFI Hardened, Transient Voltage Supply


    Operating Temperature -40 - 85 degrees (C)
    IP Protection (SMD Circuitry) IP67 (Sealed in Potting Encapsulant)**
    Weather Resistance Humidity, Water/Rain, Sun/UV Exposure
    Engine Oil, Coolant, Phosphate Cleaners