Quality Assurance

All products designed by P-Q Controls have undergone exhaustive testing to insure a robust end-product that will meet the most demanding applications. That is why we have invested heavily in an anechoic chamber, TEM cell, and corollary electronic equipment. Using this this equipment we can insure our products meet strict CE regulations for electromagnetic interference immunity.

"No maintenance is required for owners of equipment incorporating a P-Q Controls Hall Effect. The electronics are epoxy-potted to withstand shock, vibration, and the elements. The mechanics never require lubrication and the magnets used are the best available, with a life of approximately 1,000 years."
-Lift Equipment Magazine, September 2000 Issue

Automated Assembly Check Points

All production lines incoorporate two or three independent test point stations (commonly known as "pre-test" and "final-test"), insuring a high quality end product that is fully functional and calibrated to strict specifications prior to shipment. Units are monitored for potential trends in failures, which help to further reduce rate of return. Our dedication to quality has resulted in a product that sees a virtual zero failure rate.

This engineering expertise has established P-Q Controls as a trusted supplier for rugged products designed to last the life of their machine. Customers who are seeking a no-maintenance plug-and-play solution may look no further than P-Q Controls as a reliable source for all their control needs.

Advanced Engineering Technology - Learn how P-Q Controls has been an established leader in providing intelligent engineering solutions.


Compliant to ISO 9001 standards


Stringent manufacturing standards to ensure long service and trouble-free performance.


Excellence in serving high volume customers and meeting special service requirements.


Trouble-shooting diagnostics to head off problems and reduce downtime.

On-Time Shipping

P-Q Control's production line is capable of meeting the requirements of any order, from bulk quantities for large OEM's, to single-piece orders from end-users. Our excellence in service has earned P-Q Controls a reputation in the industry for fast lead times. Additionally, we understand that sometimes our customers may require a rapid build on a bulk order, which is why we offer a three-day expedite service. P-Q Controls is also equipped with staff on call to work extra shifts if necessary.