• Small, compact package suitable for mobile or handheld controllers.

  • Uses the universal USB connection for communication

  • Can be mounted on our Model 112 Joystick, Model 115 Joystick, Model 212 Joystick, and Model 110 Foot Pedal.

  • Electrical

    Supply Voltage 5 VDC
    Analog Inputs Up to 4 proportional (0 - 5 VDC), when used with onboard sensor.
    Digital Inputs 7 on/off (5 VDC)
    Signal Trasmission Hardwire
    Protection Reverse Polarity, Over-Voltage, Open/Shorted Signal Leads,Transient Voltage Supply


    Operating Temperature -40 - 85 degrees (C)
    Protection Sealed Epoxy Potting (black)
    Resistance Humidity, Water/Rain, Sun/UV Exposure